Planning and landscape architecture

The firm is specialised in construction, reconstruction and maintanance of public and private green and personal areas (yards), terraces and roof gardens,research,park design and construction,low construction, geodesic activities, landscape design, infrastructure development design, green systems and meliorations maintenace, decorration arrangement. Our team consists of high qualified specialists with many years of experience and we have our own specialized professional equipment and mechanization.

Specifis activities:

- Ecexution of decorative flooring
- Planting wood, shrubby and floriferous vegetation
- Building of Japanese gardens, rockeries and rock corners
- Rose gardens, miniatures and exotic plots
- Demonstrartion of the possibilities of the park- art
- Construction of grass plots with perfect appearance
- Construction of grass plots with ready-made grass turs

Our advantages:

- Individual approach toward every client
- Possibility for constructing the objects all over the country
- Constructing of the objects following short deadlines
- Possibility for taking large amount of work

Additional services:

Planting large coniferous and deciduous species and other unique specimens.